New Badges: Perfect Century, Multiple Choice Schmultiple Choice, and This Badge Goes to 11

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2017)


Raise your hand if you want Sporcle Tap to play on a Youtube livestream.

Perfect CenturySince you all love the Century Club badge so much, we decided to gift you with another, even harder badge. Welcome to Perfect Century, where not only do you have to play a new quiz 100 days in a row, you also have to get a perfect score.

defaultMultiple Choice Schmultiple Choice: Are you ready to roll your pencil? To have your index finger clicking in your sleep? I hope so, because only then should you play the 1000 Multiple Choice quizzes required to earn this badge.

thedemolisher5This Badge Goes to 11: Funtrue Fact: Matt and Derek once started a band called Sporcle Tap where they sang (yelled) the answers to popular quizzes. It wasn’t very well-received. Play 25 11-minute quizzes in one day for this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.



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